Marriage Licences

The fee for the Application and License and Certificate of Marriage is $100, which we request be paid in full at the time of securing your license with the court. This fee is to be made by certified check or money order payable to the Superior Court of the VI. and sent via Express Mail to the Fantasia office along with your signed license and application for marriage along with any certified death or divorce decrees.

By USVI Law, all licenses must be filed with the court no less than 8 days prior to the wedding date. Fantasia requests a two week deadline to accommodate this request to make sure all documents are in order, correctly typed and with all the appropriate fees. Superior Court hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Atlantic Standard Time, Saturdays by special appointment only. Sundays, the court is open from 9:30 – 10:30 am for an additional $150 fee. The Virgin Islands have many Local Holidays in which the court will be open 1 hour only for a $150 fee. The court is closed on all Federal Holidays.

USVI Marriage Registration

No physical examination, blood test or residency is required. If either of the couple have been divorced, please include your CERTIFIED, stamped copy of your divorce decree signed by the judge. If either spouse is widowed, you will need a CERTIFIED, stamped copy of your spouse’s death certificate. Your license must be in our court 8 working days prior to your arrival for public inspection.

Is the court open on Sundays and Holidays?

Yes, on Sundays and some local holidays only, (9:30 am-11:30 am) by arrangement made only through your wedding coordinator.

Will I get my divorce decree back from the court?

No, usually it is not necessary for you to have it any longer, your status has changed from divorced to married. However if you need it returned, please provide a second photocopy when mailing it into our office. At the swearing in procedure, ask the clerk to return the original and keep the copy for their files.

Do I get the application notarized in my district?

This is done by the clerk at the Superior Court of the USVI on the day of the wedding and will notarize the re-typed version upon re-signing of the document to verify that the information in the license is true and correct.

What does a Certified Copy of my Divorce Decree mean?

This is a copy, not an original, but it contains a certified stamp or raised seal prepared by the clerk of the court and signed by the judge.

Legal Hints:

Make sure you have proper photo identification when swearing in at the Superior Court. A photo drivers license, voters registration or passport is sufficient. Ensure your wedding officiant is in “good standing” by being hired through a reputable wedding company and mails you a complimentary copy of your certified copy of your marriage license within two weeks. This way you are positive you are married because it has been filed with the Superior Court. Most companies are in good standing with a business license, but you can still check with the business license bureau. Because it is not a requirement for a minister to have a business license in the USVI (only an ordination), some ministers work independently of wedding coordinators. This is why is it better for non-denominational ministers to be represented through a wedding company which is required to perform the legal duties. When you are married by a wedding company which holds a business license, is incorporated and relies on its integrity, you can feel confident. With these details in place, the company you are doing your business with is safe, so is your marriage.

Fantasia’s Personal Touch

By acting as your personal liaison with all court documents, all you need to do is arrive with your photo I.D’s (a photo driver’s license or passport will do). Fantasia will provide a personal escort to take you to the clerk of the court. Fantasia will also provide a complimentary copy of your certified Marriage License mailed directly to your home in approximately 30-45 days after the ceremony has been performed. Special requests to expedite this form may be granted in advance.